In The Kitchen With Kris

In The Kitchen With Kris

Choosing what recipes to attempt turned out to be pretty easy. “Kim’s Super Cheesy Macaroni and Cheese” immediately caught my eye, because I cannot even imagine Kim Kardashian eating the food of us commoners, let alone making it. But according to Kris, “it’s fabulous.” The funny thing is, the recipe in Kris’ book isn’t Kim’s, it’s one that Kris developed inspired by Kim’s. I like to think that Kim wouldn’t give Kris the recipe because she’s saving it for her own cookbook. A girl can dream. But for now, we have In the Kitchen with Kris, so break out that luxury apron — it’s time to embark on a kulinary journey. 
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In The Kitchen With Kris

In the latest attempt at Kardashian-Jenner world domination, Kris Jenner released a cookbook called In the Kitchen with Kris. The subtitle reads: “a kollection of kardashian-jenner family favorites,” because if a Kardashian spells something with the letter “C,” they’ll die. As basically everyone who’s seen it has said, this cookbook is insane. From the odd selection of personal photos to the lack of photos of actual food to the paragraphs of personal stories to the blatant favoritism of her children, as usual, it’s impossible to know what was going on in Kris’ brain when she put this thing together. But the end result does actually include recipes for food, so I figured hey, why not try to make it? 
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In The Kitchen With Kris

Maybe that doesn’t seem all that special, but it’s a message I’ll squirrel away in a folder with the other emails from friends and family I plan to save forever. Kris Jenner gave me six frustrating hours of tomato blanching, sore feet, tiny kitchen disasters, and wildly subpar salsa, but she gave me that gem of an email too. Thanks for that, Kris. And thank you for the brownies.
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Fall is a busy time for cookbooks, and last week Kardashian family matriarch and notorious momager Kris Jenner dropped her first offering into the mix. In The Kitchen With Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites features recipes that are mainly familiar fare like brownies and fried chicken, plus a few Armenian dishes. (Jenner’s first husband, famous lawyer Robert Kardashian, was Armenian.) She attempts to emphasize finding cheap ingredients all while advocating recipes that call for truffle butter. The book also contains many “figure friendly” recipes like baked sweet potato fries.
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Anna M. on November 18th, 2014 This family does not cook….their baby has a chef that makes custom baby food for her. It was just printed from an interview in another magazine. This is Kris’ new money source….a cookbook, so NOW everyone is cooking and has awesome recipes. Kris has begun laying the groundwork for this cookbook for the last couple weeks. Will not buy it.
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“I’ve always identified most with Kourtney, of the three,” I tell Kourtney Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, on the phone, some 15 minutes into our conversation. “Really?” Kris says. I revise my statement: “Kourtney . . . and a little Kim, Kourtney and a little Kim.”
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And although the author of In The Kitchen With Kris doesn’t cater to everyone’s foodie needs all the time, she’s still always in the kitchen. “I cook all the time,” she said. “Well, now my granddaughter North lives with me, and Kanye and Kim, so I cook almost every night.”
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It’s 3 p.m. and I’m standing in my parents’ kitchen, frantically trying to learn how to blanch a tomato in time to get dinner on the table at a decent hour, and it’s all Kris Jenner’s fault.
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In the Kitchen with Kris One of the things I enjoy most about entertaining and cooking for my family is the joy I get from the table setting. You’d be surprised how very little effort can make a big difference in creating an amazing dining experience. Cooking for someone is such an expression of love, and so is the presentation. I know my family gets extremely excited when we celebrate a huge occasion or just get together for our Sunday dinners because they know how much love and energy I put into making it beautiful for them. I also love going to other people’s homes for dinner because I always get entertaining inspiration and creative ideas from my friends.Almost as important as the food is the table setting. I believe that cooking for someone is one of the best things you can do. It’s a way of expressing how much you care about the people you love. I also believe that the table setting is an extension of that love. The amount of time you put into making sure things are beautiful, that your table makes a statement, or creates a mood, also says, “I love you!”I am notorious for my table settings and my dishes. If I’m cooking an Italian meal, I will grab my red Hermès china to go with the red sauce (Fusilli with Tomato Basil Sauce).I have five different kinds of Christmas dishes. I have nutcrackers, Santas, reindeer, and snowmen. If you can think of anything Christmas-y that can go on a table, I have it and have used it over the years.I collect china and dishes. My children all know how obsessed I am with table settings and I’ve received several sets of Hermès dishes from my daughters. Table settings. Napkins and napkin rings. Baccarat crystal glasses and vases. Candles and candle holders. I’m obsessed with it all.When I got married, nesting and creating this visual ambiance was so important to me. I somehow understood that it would be important to tying my family all together. And over the years, it has. My children—and our family and extended family and friends—have come to expect a certain look and feel when they come over to share a meal. It’s never “simple” or “normal.”For Rob’s most recent birthday, I had a St. Patrick’s Day theme because it fell on St. Paddy’s Day. I had the table decorated with shamrocks and gold coins and green beads. It was over-the-top and tasteful at the same time. And he absolutely enjoyed it. Kim’s birthday always falls around Halloween. When she was little, I would have a Halloween theme with pumpkin baskets, candy, and a pumpkin-themed cake. I would go the whole nine yards. (Some of my favorite pumpkin recipes in this book are inspired by Kim and her birthday.)For holidays I go all out. I will set the table for Thanksgiving four days in advance. It takes me that long to get it just right, layering the different decorations, adding and taking things away until I can stand back and say, “Yes, that’s it.”Some people paint, others make music and dance, I make table settings. That’s my way of expressing my artistic and creative side.And I love to see the smiles on the faces of my children and guests when they see what I’ve done. The key is to have fun with it. As long as it’s done in the spirit of love, you are sure to make it beautiful.
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Oct 21, 2014 Jamie Jackson rated it really liked it Was at Barnes & Noble this morning and decided to check out In the Kitchen with Kris just out of curiosity. I ended up buying it… wide variety of dishes with easy-to-follow instructions, and everything sounds amazing! I’m giving this book 4 out of 5 stars just because I haven’t had a chance to try anything out yet. flag 1 like · Like · see review
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With the knowledge of our guiding influence out in the open, we proceeded to scarf down the berry crumble, served with vanilla ice cream, which received great reviews across the board. Eventually—fueled by the wine, perhaps (though I’d credit the Spirit of Kris Jenner)—we, a group of six people who were mostly strangers to one another before the dinner party, began sharing stories and anecdotes of an increasingly personal nature, tales of an ambiguous first date at a wine bar; of a months-long fling with a “Christian Grey–like” 30-year-old; of a complex on-and-off relationship initiated on a campsite in Western Massachusetts. It felt, appropriately enough, like what I’d imagine a Kardashian-family dinner party is like, when they aren’t being filmed. We made plans to reconvene, as a group, for another dinner party in the near future.
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Does everyone else see how long this list of ingredients is? You’re probably thinking that this recipe will live up to its “super cheesy” title, right? Not exactly. I followed the recipe, which took much longer to prepare than I thought (and not just because I discovered too late that I don’t own a cheese grater and had to chop a lot of cheese into tiny pieces by hand). There’s lots of heating and stirring. Why do I have to heat up milk to add to a pot of liquid that’s already simmering, Kris? Why did you make me add a single bay leaf to that pot? What do I do with the bay leaf? I’ll spare you the small details, but here’s a photo of melted butter, flour, dry mustard, onion, paprika, and one bay leaf, simmering until reduced. 

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