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wooden door hangers to paint 6

wooden door hangers to paint 6

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Popsicle, patriotic, 4th of July, summer, personalized door hanger. Approx. 22". Safe for outdoors use. $35 plus 12 shipping. Can be personalized free of charge.Check out Blue Pickle Designs on facebook for lots more fun & super trendy door hangers! Be sure to 'LIKE' our page to receive updates & news about our latest sales & specials! New & ready to ship items added regularly!

1 Draw a grid Use the yardstick to lightly draw a 6” x 6” grid onto the plywood panel to help make drawing the stocking shape easier. 2 Sketch out two stockings Draw the two stockings. Each one should be 3 grid squares wide and expand out 2 squares in length at the toes. 3 Cut out stockings • Clamp the plywood to your work surface. • Use the jigsaw to cut out both of the stockings. • When cutting, position the plywood so that it hangs over the work surface so that the jigsaw blade can cut without any obstructions. 4 Cut pieces for box Use the table or circular saw to cut the 1’ x 4” into four 3 ½-inch pieces, two 4 ½-inch pieces and two 6-inch pieces. 5 Sand boards and paint stocking • Sand any rough edges with a sanding block. • Erase or sand off any visible pencil marks. • Paint or stain the stocking. 6 Build the storage box • Collect the four boards that will make up the storage box: the 6-inch board will be the front of your box, the two 3 ½-inch boards will be the sides and the 4 ½-inch piece is the bottom. • Apply a bead of glue to the left edge of the bottom piece. • Place one of the side pieces into the glue and nail into place. • Repeat this step for the other side piece. 7 Add final piece to the storage box • Run a bead of glue along the edge of the U-shaped frame you built. • Place the front piece on top and nail it into place. • Paint or stain the box. • Allow it to fully dry. 8 Attach the storage box to the stocking • Place the storage box face down on the table with the opening of the frame facing upward. • Line the edges with glue and place the stocking cut out, paint side down, on top. • Secure with nails. 9 Attach hooks and hang • Attach the hooks to the back of your completed stockings. • Hang as instructed on the packaging.

Welcome to Whims & Wishes An informal, color filled studio for you to create your own original artwork. We provide everything for a FUN, WHIMSICAL night-out; paint, wood door hanger or 16X20 canvas, easels, aprons, ribbon, and a family of brushes. Whims & Wishes is an exciting creative class for the artistic and not so artistic. Come join us…our talented artist will guide you step by step through your painting session. Absolutely no experience required! Check out our calendar and choose a date that’s best for you. Register online or by phone to reserve your spot. Get ready for a fun, whimsical night-out! Rave Reviews Even the least crafty person can paint!!! Believe me!! I’m not crafty…but I love this place! – Misty Bugg It is such a relaxing place to unwind and make magic happen. – April R. Johnson Had so much fun that while I was waiting for my paint to dry I went online and registered for a second party! – Allison Whitledge Had a blast painting yesterday with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and for a great cause. We will def be going back!! – Lisa Burke The Sebree First Christian Church Youth Group and I had an awesome night. I can’t wait to join in on another class. Thank you for helping with our fundraiser. – Kara Eastwood Erickson Love this place. I’m sure they will get tired of seeing my face! – Rachel Russell Best place ever! – Lacy Hackney This is such a great time! Come prepared to explore your creative side and have fun! – Julie Zieg Love, love , love it!!!!! Leslie is so amazing!!! – Kendal Jameson This is so relaxing and enjoyable. Leslie you do a fabulous job. Thank you!! – Pam Mitchell LOTS of fun and Leslie is great!! – Ashley Dowell I had an absolute BLAST tonight painting! I’m so glad I FINALLY got ta chance to do this! So relaxing and Fun! I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Leslie! – Annette Bradford Brewer Had a blast! Leslie is awesome! – Brandy Turner Gilford Had a great time painting with my family tonight! Looking forward to the next time! Whims and Wishes is such a cute place. Leslie, you have such a gift! – Laurin Russin Forman

• Place the storage box face down on the table with the opening of the frame facing upward. • Line the edges with glue and place the stocking cut out, paint side down, on top. • Secure with nails.

Now that my door hanger was painted and my design was finished, it was time to cut it out in vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.  I flipped through my vinyl storage organizer until I spotted a 12″ x 24″ sheet of navy blue vinyl and pulled it out, along with my 12″ x 24″ cutting mat.

Hi Desiree! Sometimes I use a sealant and sometimes I don’t. For instance, I used some on our family growth chart ruler (even though it remains indoors) so my toddler son can’t pick off the vinyl (curious little devil). Over a year later, it’s still holding up wonderfully. Other times I’ll use a clear coat if it’s something that will have lots of wear & tear, like my son’s Halloween bucket. I didn’t bother sealing this door hanger since we have a covered porch so this won’t be exposed to any rain. I’ve never had any issues with the vinyl bubbling or peeling when using sealant though. Hope this helps!

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